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$100 Referral Fee

$100 after the lease is signed and after the tenant has moved into and lived in the property for at least 3 months. The resident/tenant must mention your name when he/she first calls or emails us.

$500 Finder's Fee

If we purchase a property based on your lead, we'll give you a $500 finder's fee at the close of escrow. You can refer someone privately and we will not share that information with the owner if you ask us not to. This offer only applies to homes that are not already listed with an agent. You will receive $500 at close of escrow if we buy the home directly from the owner. Find a buyer for one of our for sale properties and we'll give you $500 finder's fee at the close of escrow. This offer only applies to buyers who are not represented by a real estate agent. Contact us for more information.























buying home in CA, TX, NV

We treat all customers and clients and all people who do business with us with the utmost respect. We strive to conduct business with integrity and honesty. Like you, we make good business decisions with our conscience and families in mind.

Buying Homes in Southern California; Austin, Texas; Las Vegas, Nevada.

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