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Should I use your firm or call a realtor? (continued)
Also keep in mind that there are many costs involved when using a real estate agent. First, agents typically earn a 6% commission, which comes out of your pocket. And that's not end of it. You will usually have to pay transfer tax, title insurance, homeowner's warranty policy, termite inspection and clearance, water heater bracing, roof inspection/certification, septic pumping/certification and Natural Hazard Zone disclosure. But yet that's not all! Sellers also have escrow fees. So in addition to the 6% sales commission, you may face thousands of dollars of additional costs. We pay for all those costs. You have no commissions, no escrow fees, no inspections, no title insurance, no transfer tax, etc. to pay. WE PAY FOR EVERYTHING. Now, again, we want to emphasize, if you have the luxury of time, you should list your home with a realtor, because you will definitely get more money. If you do not have the luxury of time, please consider our company and our services. We give you time and peace of mind, knowing that you will have cash in your pocket.
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