Agents, Here’s How to Close More Short Sales Successfully

When I first started out, I used to make a hard copy of the entire file and literally stand in front of my fax machine, hand feeding it every single page manually.  Even though the fax machine had an automatic document feeder, short sale packages are too big and have too many pages.  I would get through about 65 or 80 pages and then have the fax machine jam.  I cannot tell you how totally frustrating this was, because each page took almost a full minute. That was 1 ½ to 2 hours completely wasted. And then you had to start all over again!!!  You had to start from the beginning, babysit the fax machine, and again waste all that time. You know that the lender would throw out an incomplete short sale package. At times, I would take the entire package to a print shop and then pay $75 or more to have their machines send the entire file.

So I kept thinking:  There has to be a better way.

I did tons of research and discovered that you can even do this if you don’t have a FAX machine! It is incredible!!! Find an internet faxing service provider.  Cheap, easy to use, requires internet access and an account, but it costs money. I’ve used Maxemail for years and just love it.  There are lots of providers.

But you don’t have to use an internet faxing service provider at all! If you have a relatively recent computer that has a modem installed, you can use Windows XP, VISTA (must have Business or Ultimate Edition) or Windows 7 to fax directly from your PC w/o a fax machine.You just need to use the built-in software that comes with Windows OS.

Start>All Programs>Windows Fax and Scan.  It’s very easy to use and set up and configure.

NOTE:  You MUST use a cable to connect your computer to a phone jack in your house.  It’s just a regular plug-in telephone cord that you would use to connect your phone to the phone jack.

That’s it.  Now you just use the software that comes with the Windows OS, and you are set!  Remember that if you only have one telephone line in your house, you cannot make or receive calls while the fax is going through.

Remember that each page will take approx. one minute to fax, so plan accordingly.

Also, tip # 2 is huge:  Make sure that you use the Header feature to put the loan # on each and every page associated with your short sale.

If you have 2 lenders, make sure to save one short sale pkg with one loan # and the other short sale package with the 2nd lender’s information.

Good luck!  Hope that this helps!

Now go out and close more short sales and help more Homeowners.

Contact me if you hate short sales.  I love them and would love to do the negotiations for you.  I will make short sales fun for you!  I will take all the drudgery and hassles out of doing short sale. Already helping other realtors by negotiating their short sales and would love to be of help to you too!


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