Short sale within 90 days from listing!

Successfully closed short sale within 90 days from listing! See how we helped this couple come out of their financial hardship and how it influenced their personal life!

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6 Responses to Short sale within 90 days from listing!

  1. I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for psotnig this!

    • A short sale will lower your credit score by 100 or more pionts.You do need to show a hardship to the lender in order to qualify or get the ok from the lender to short sale your house.Short sales are NOT a quick way to get out of your house. Banks notoriously will sit on offers for months and sometimes not even approve of any of them in the end, which will send you into foreclosure if you stop paying on the mortgage.My guess is, if you cannot show a hardship, you are not going to be granted a short sale.You also would not be buying another house anytime soon with a short sale on your credit report.Just because you are underwater does not mean you can get out from under your obligation.

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    • This is GREAT information and rasisureng that the market is not as bad as some realtors make it out to be. My husband Matt and I are new to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage and would love the opportunity to come sit down with you. I am from Prior Lake area but we both moved here from Fargo, ND. I have been in the business for over 10 years and Matt over 6 years. Maybe we will pop in and at least drop off our business cards and hopefully do some business. We are very excited to be residence of Alexandria what a great community and we love the lakes!

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