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Sell Your Home Quickly as a Rent to Own (Lease Option) Property

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Are you looking for an out-of-the-box way to sell a home in Inland Empire? My name is Colleen. I'm in bit of a pinch and need the help of homeowners and landlords. I've got some potential home buyers who need a house... actually, I've got 77 140 ready buyers who need a house!

Are You a Landlord Who Wants to Sell a Home Quickly?

As a real estate investor I buy homes for cash and then turn around and sell them to people who want to rent to own (lease with the option to buy). I advertised this rent to own service for my own properties, but given the economy, the marketing campaign worked amazingly well and I now have more potential buyers than properties to sell them! So, I added this page to our website to start a conversation with landlords in the hopes of finding properties for these folks, while also making a little money back on the time and effort spent in finding and qualifying them. (This costs you nothing by the way.)

Lease Option Your Inland Empire Property

These buyers want to live in the Inland Empire area, but don't qualify for a mortgage right now. That means they would be buying from you "Rent To Own" or rather leasing with the option to buy.

Benefits of Selling With the Lease Option

Rent to own (lease option) buyers pay full market value for your house and full market rent during the lease period, sometimes a little bit more than that. In addition to paying full market value, people who rent to own tend to take excellent care of the property (much better than a normal tenant) since they view the property as theirs. On top of getting full market value and an outstanding tenant, you'll have a written agreement that states the tenant is responsible for repairs to the house. If the furnace goes out, sink starts to leak, or the toilet stops up, you won't get calls in the middle of the night because they'll be responsible for fixing it. Will that get rid of a lot of your landlord headaches? Of course it will! What you have got to lose? If the worst happens and they default on the agreement, they lose their option to buy (and the fee they paid you upfront to rent to town) and you can evict them if you choose. The beauty is that the percentage of evictions on rent to own (lease option) sales are way below normal tenant eviction rates making this a safer alternative for selling your home. This is a great service for good people who presently cannot get mortgages, but will be able to in a year or two. It puts them in homes they'll take great care of while they strengthen their credit scores and ability to get a loan. It is also a great way for landlords, who are sick of being landlords, to sell their properties quickly to good people. It's a win-win for all involved.

To recap, the benefits of selling your home with a lease option are:

  • Potential buyer pays full market value and full market rent.
  • Lease option tenants tend to take better care of the property than renters.
  • You'll be protected by a written legal agreement.
  • Tenant is responsible for all repairs to the home.
  • If tenant defaults on the agreement, you keep the lease option fee.
  • Lease option sales are way below normal tenant eviction rates.

By the way, none of this costs you a dime. I'm paid by the buyer.

Potential Buyers are Screened Pre-Qualified

These candidates been pre-qualified as excellent potential buyers who can afford the monthly payment and will most likely qualify for a mortgage within 1 or 2 years. Each and every one of the potential home buyers spoke with a mortgage broker before they were added to the list. Remember, originally all this effort was to put potential buyers in my properties, so I had them speak with a mortgage broker to find out exactly when they would qualify and could take out a new loan and pay off the house.

Buyers are Set Up for Success!

The buyers also immediately receive credit repair counseling to keep them on track towards the big goal of home ownership. They essentially get a financial map, a blueprint on how to succeed at becoming a homeowner.

How Much Can You Sell Your Home For?

As far as price goes...It doesn't really matter to me how much you want to sell your property for, but if it is priced much over market value, it won't attract any buyers.

But there is no reason you shouldn't get full market value or maybe a little more because it's being sold as a lease option (rent to own). When a buyer can't get a traditional mortgage, but is offered a good home as a lease option, they are usually pretty motivated!

If you have a property for sale and are interested in selling it quickly as a lease option please contact me as soon as possible. I have a list of qualified buyers who are eager to get into homes and are able to make the monthly payments. Give me a call and we can talk in person and I can answer any of your questions. As soon as you give me the okay, I'll send an email about your property to my list of buyers.

How Quickly Can You Sell a House on a Lease Option?

Please be prepared to sell your house fast! I have sold houses in one day with this list, so don't be surprised if things happen pretty fast after you give me the okay. These buyers are motivated. They know what they want, they've wanted it for some time, and when the opportunity comes their way they're prepared to act.

Please call me at (909) 972-1616, or fill out the form below.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the very best of all good things.

Best Wishes,


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Let us know about your home or property and learn more about how you can sell your home fast with a lease option. Get FULL MARKET VALUE and FULL MARKET RENT. This is 100% free and costs you nothing. We are paid by the buyer. We guard your information very carefully and will protect your privacy.

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