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Three Options to Sell Your Home Quickly

avoid foreclosures


Sell your house for cash in as little as seven days. We buy homes "as is" in Southern California, Texas, and Nevada. Don't repair a thing! If you're facing foreclosure or want quick cash from a fast sale with no hassles, this is a great option to sell your house quickly.

Cash Sale

Avoid Foreclosure On Home


We have over 95% success rate of closing short sales (national average is just 20%). Avoid foreclosure! Let us negotiate a short sale with your bank. Sell your house for less than what you owe on the mortgage. The mortgage is paid in full and the bank takes the loss.

Short Sale

houses on short sale


Would you like to sell your house, but you don't need to sell fast or need quick cash? We can sell your house through a lease option. Leasing your property can put potential buyers in your home while relieving you of the mortgage payments.

Lease Mission Statement

  • To be of service to fellow human beings.
  • To help and guide homeowners with hardships by educating them on options that are in their best interest.
  • To operate our real estate business with the utmost integrity.
  • To be moral and honest in our dealings with people who want to buy/sell homes.
  • To treat all of our clients with the respect and dignity that they deserve.
  • To make sound business decisions and make a reasonable profit for our families.



How Can I Get Cash for My Home?

Homeowners sell their house for various reasons, some of the most common reasons are being behind on mortgage payments, divorce, job loss, illness, financial hardship, estate settlement, avoiding foreclosure, and inheriting a house in foreclosure. Being experienced real estate investor and broker, we can give you a fast sale and quick cash for your house in Inland Empire, CA; Las Vegas, NV, or Austin, TX. Selling a Home for Cash is Ideal If:
  • You need to sell your house quickly in CA, NV, or TX or you will lose it.
  • You need to sell a house, but can't afford to make needed repairs.
  • You have some home equity.
  • You are upside on a mortgage and the bank won't work with you.
  • A Notice of Default was filed and you want to avoid foreclosure.
  • You've inherited a house in CA, NV, or TX and just want to sell fast for cash.
  • You've inherited a house that is in foreclosure in CA, NV, or TX.
  • Or you just simply want a quick and hassle-free fast sale.
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Are you Strictly a California Home Buying Company?

We buy homes for cash and negotiate short sale for houses in the Inland Empire; San Bernardino County; Southern California; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Austin, Texas areas.

In Southern California we buy houses for cash in Claremont, Pomona, and the Inland Empire (communities like Montclair, Upland, Ontario, Chino, Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Rialto, Banning, Beaumont, Colton, etc.) and the High Desert (Morongo Valley, Yucca Valley, 29 Palms, Desert Hot Springs, Joshua Tree).



How Much Does a "Cash for Homes" Service Cost?

Your out of pocket costs are ZERO DOLLARS!
  • We give you a fast sale, buy your house for cash and pay for all the costs involved with the sale.
  • You do not have to pay any commissions, escrow fees, inspections, title insurance, transfer tax, etc.
  • If any repairs are needed, we deal with it from start to finish.
  • You get to sit back with the knowledge of exactly how much money you're going to make and when you're going to get it.

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How fast can I sell my house for cash?

How soon do you need it? If it's an emergency situation you may be able to sell your house for cash in a week's time. However, most purchases occur in two weeks. First, see if you qualify for a cash for house offer. Still not sure? We invite you to watch testimonials from recent clients.


But My Home Needs a Lot of Repairs. Do You Still Want it?

Don't worry about making costly repairs. We'll buy your house for cash "as is." Even if it needs major work!

  • Don't clean or repair. We buy as is.
  • We don't list your home--we BUY it and ensure a fast sale for you .
  • No home equity? Not a problem!
  • Upside down on a mortgage? We can help.
  • Cash Sale. Short Sale. Leasing.
  • No surprises. We buy houses for cash.
  • No obligation. No hassles. No pressure. Fast sale for you.
  • We're local and always here to help!

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How Much Cash Can I Get For My House?

Click here to see how much cash you could get for your home, or call (909) 972-1616 for a free, no obligation, no hassles offer on your home. Sell your house for cash in Inland Empire; San Bernardino County; Southern California; Las Vegas, Nevada; or Austin, Texas.


What is a Short Sale? How Can I Short Sale a Home?

A popular option to avoid foreclosure or resolving an upside down mortgage is a short sale. This is a transaction where you sell the house and the bank agrees to accept less than what you owe on the mortgage as payment in full. has an outstanding 95% success rate in closing short sales. The national average is just 20%. None of our clients had to pay anything out of pocket when we negotiated their short sales and helped them sell their house. We promise $0 out of pocket costs to our clients who would use our services for negotiating their short sales.

A Short Sale is ideal for Homeowners If:
  • You owe more on the mortgage than the home is worth.
  • You are behind on mortgage payments and unable to catch up due to some hardship.
  • You have little or no equity in the house.
  • You're facing foreclosure.
  • You want to avoid bankruptcy and save your credit score.
  • You don't want to pay valuable dollars on realtor fees.

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Help! A Notice of Default Was Filed Against Me. Am I in Foreclosure?

If you're behind on mortgage payments, even if you're pursuing a loan modification or selling your home with a realtor, the bank can still file a Notice of Default and start the foreclosure process. Can we still help you to avoid foreclosure once the Notice of Default has been filed? Usually yes. We have helped some of our clients avoid foreclosure and close short sale successfully when they contacted us only 2 weeks before the scheduled auction. Watch testimonials. However, there are strict rules and guidelines that must be followed so the sooner you contact us for negotiating your short sale, the better we can help you in avoiding foreclosure. Please don't avoid the situation and hope it goes away. Unfortunately, unless you're proactive in finding a solution, the bank will sell your home. We can help, you can trust us!

If a Notice of Default has been or will be filed against you, please read this specific information about the California foreclosure process. It will inform you about the foreclosure timeline in California and what to expect.



My Home Isn't Selling. I'm Tired of Waiting. How Do I Lease it Out?

Homeowners who are neither in foreclosure nor upside down on a mortgage can also benefit from our services! If you want full market value or full market rent for your home or property, let us lease option it! We have over 100 qualified buyers who are eager and ready to buy a house in Inland Empire, Southern California; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Austin, Texas either as a straight sale or as a lease option. To learn more about selling your home with a lease option, visit out our Lease Option page.

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